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Great Commentary from a Forum

robert bentley:

His rank has already been disproved - as have his fights - using basic, straightforward simple logic.

He is a proven liar and a fraud - the man is a money grubbing scumbag who has pissed a lot of people off. Because of his HISTORY of lying and dodgy business practices I would be willing to bet those guys you mention willing to "vouch" for him in reality wouldn't.

Just because I'm in a generous mood I'll explain it again for your little brain (I also find it interesting there are all these guys who just so happened to join AFTER the Assou thread start date to defend him - Who are you? XCIL? Assou? How many guys are under the same screen name here?)

1) If his lineage IS legit - he would be able to prove it very very simply. He has not - because he cannot. Therefore he is a FAKE and a FRAUD.

Did you know that I'm a 9th degree black belt from the most respected BJJ academy in the world. You don't believe me? Well prove it buddy! (are you so stupid as to not actually understand the point here?)

2) 400+ fights in his relatively short martial arts career would be incredibly difficult -- just on the realms of possibility. However - he has miraculously been out on injury for a while, no competition record of his exists, he's not listed anywhere AND there is no evidence whatsoever of ANY of his fights.

Therefore - he is a FAKE and a FRAUD.

It really is as simple as that.

Just actually THINK about what you're saying.

It isn't up to US to disprove ridiculous or outrageous claims, it is up to HIM to prove them. (repeat that phrase 500 times until it sinks in pretty please)

The great thing about THESE kinds of claims is that it is SO EASY to VERIFY the LEGITIMATE claims. If you CANNOT VERIFY the claim - the claim can be categorically declared as FALSE.

6th Degree black belt????? How many do you actually think there are on planet earth???

400 fights?? Do you even understand basic math?


  • If you were a 6th degree black belt, people wouldn't be stumbling upon your school through google because you're local. but then again, who's name would they be looking for? Bruce Harvard? Assou Harvard? LIES!

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Bruce Harvard... New Alias?

New Alias founded with simple Google search:

Anon forum post: keep up with the name drama, it's BRUCE HARVARD. "Assou" is his portugues nickname meaning "strong flower blowing in the fields of gold"

It doesn't take a rocket scientists to realize or research that Assou is in NO WAY 'Portuguese'. easy to take advantage of the mentally limited. All you have to do is GOOGLE! How many Brailian Muslims do you know?

He has been registering his company with a FAKE NAME: Bruce Harvard. A far cry from Assou Hamdaoui.


not surprising.

Description: Teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the Chicago area. - Bruce Harvard -

Hosting On A Dedicated Server:

Real 6th Degree Black Belts

Black Belt, 6th degree

Is this just a coincidence?

September 1991

Amy Beth Simon (TEFL,

Meknes/Rabat, 1989-'91)

died on 23 August 1991, in

Denver, Colorado, from in-

juries from an automobile

accident in Utah. Sur-

vivors include husband

Abdeslam (Assou) Hamdaoui

of Meknes, Morocco;

parents Judy and Al Simon

of Deerfield, Illinois; and a

brother, Steve Simon.

Amy returned to Morocco

in February, 1991, and

married Abdeslam in

Meknes. Amy and Assou

came to the United States

together at the end of

July and spent three

weeks in Deerfield visiting

family and friends. They

left Illinois on 20 August

to drive to California,

where they planned to

settle and start a new life.

Amy's parents would love

to hear from friends.

Please call or write to

Judy and Al Simon, 330

Forsythia Drive, Deerfield,

Illinois 60015, 708/945-

8771. Memorials may be

made to the Amy Simon

Foreign Language Book

Fund at the Deerfield

Public Library, 920

Waukegan Road, Deerfield,

Illinois 60015.

This may seem harsh to assume but realize that in Muslim Moroccan culture it's common for US settlers to marry and bring their Moroccan spouse to live with him in the States. However, knowing the nature of Assou, it would not be surprising that he contracted a "car crash" in which he was the only survivor. This would allow him maintain his US resident status and free will to continue his life without the strains of his wife or her controlling parents. It would be too much of a coincidence that another Assou Hamdaoui lives in northern Illinois, not to mention Deerfield- located a stone's throw from his Arlington Height's school.

He has not buried his tracks as much as he should have.

Why hasn't Assou been truthful about his life? His origins? He has never listed any information of JUST WHO he is. This is because he is UNTRUTHFUL and a dangerous SCAMMING LIAR.

Why did he change his last name? What is he hiding? DO NOT GET MIXED UP WITH THIS CHEAT!

Rip-Off Report about 'Prof.Harvard'

  • Report: #425525

Report: Educational Funding Company

Reported By: (Arlington Heights Illinois)

Educational Funding Company Ultimate Irony: Lack of Integrity from a company that Markets itself as teaching integrity 4740 Chevy Chase Maryland

... Further response

Report & Rebuttal
Respond to this report! What's This?
Victim of this person/company? What's This?

Educational Funding Company

4740 Chevy Chase Drive #200
4740 Chevy Chase Maryland 20815-6459
Phone: 301-654-8677
Web Address:

Category: Martial Arts

Submitted: Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last posting: Monday, June 29, 2009
Assou Harvard with Champion Jiu Jitsu in Arlington Heights IL made an agreement with me in regard to my son taking jiu jitsu lessons at his studio. I was wary of signing a 12 mo' agreement but he assured me that I could get out of the agreement if I gave him written notice.

My son started the class in April 08 and in Aug 08 I provided written notice that my son wishes to discontinue his classes.

I received no response from Mr Harvard. After multiple attempts to contact him I received an email in December of 08 from "Julianne" that said she was the one that made an agreement with me and she clearly stated the terms of the agreement (Both of which are a lie), and if i wanted a refund that i had to contact Educational Funding Company for it.

After multiple calls to Educational Funding Company I got in touch with a Cliff Quarrie who told me that he would assist on getting me a refund if I emailed him the corespondence that i had with Champion Jiu Jitsu noting my cancelation. The email he gave me was

I sent multiple emails to Cliff Quarrie with no response. I had to again call into Educational Funding Company this time i asked for Nick Cokinos (Chairman of the company whomarkets himself and his company as teaching integrity) reached him and i explained my situation and he said that he would transfer me to someone that dealt with refunds.

The person i was sent to was "Villy" He told me if i sent him the correspondence with Champion Jiu Jits AND Cliff Quarrie with Educational Funding Company that he would work on the refund issue.

I have not received a response from Assou Harvard, Cliff Quarrie,, or Nick Cokinos regarding my problems.

Be wary of of doing business with Assou Harvard and Champion Jiu Jitsu as his word is NOT his Bond.

Be wary of Educational Funding Company because they are the billing agents for Champion Jiu Jitsu and the integrity I have seen them display is in direct conflict with how they market themselves.

Hopefully I can save others from the time/money andexperiences that I had to go through.

Arlington Heights, Illinois